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Every effort has been made to accommodate your course preferences. If your schedule does not reflect some of your first choices, this may be because:

  • The course is not offered or the course is full.
  • It is a ‘singleton’ course and is in conflict with another course.
  • Your particular program (Sports Academy/AVID/Dance/French Immersion) blocks your elective request.

Students missing a class on their schedule or with a “XAT see counsellor” block should bring their schedule to the counselling suite during THAT BLOCK.

Students who wish to request a course change must follow these steps:

  1. Pick up a “Course Change Request Form” from Mrs. Hyde in the counselling suite, during NON-CLASS TIME.
  2. Present the COMPLETED form to Mrs. Hyde, in the counselling suite, DURING NON-CLASS TIME to be time stamped.
  3. Students must follow their current schedule until they get called by their counsellor.
  4. Students will be called from their class.
  5. Schedules in our computer system will be updated immediately if a change is made.

Students who are not in class when called by their counsellor may lose their opportunity to discuss their desired changes.

There is VERY limited room to make changes to first semester courses.

All completed course change request forms must be submitted to Mrs. Hyde in the counselling suite by 2:30pm Friday September 7th, 2018.

Students are assigned to counsellors by last name as follows:

                                    A – D         Natalie Handy                                nhandy@sd62.bc.ca

                                    E – L           Dan Taft                                               dtaft@sd62.bc.ca

                                    M – Ro      Lisa Ellis                                               lellis@sd62.bc.ca

                                    Ru – Z       Hilde Plotnikoff                            hplotnikoff@sd62.bc.ca