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Our overriding idea concept in our school plan is to increase student belonging.   The belief is, that if a student feels cared about and valued at school they will apply themselves and excel at whatever they do.  The Belmont 2015-16 SPC has met and has customized the student and parent satisfaction survey.   We would like to “measure’ the sense of belonging and compare it over time for trends.  The school can always do more in making students feel welcome, safe and valued.  Due to recent changes in legislation the powers of the SPC have been handed over to the Parent Advisory Committee.  We will pick up where the SPC left off in the 2016-17 school year.

The 2016-17 SPC members:

Parent Members:

Student Members

Staff Members

 PAC members at large  TBA VP – Laura Fulton
VP – Stephen McHugh
P – Ray Miller