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  • Our Home Ec Department in conjunction with our Aboriginal Education Team and Elder Henry Chipps hosted a salmon bake for our students.

Graduation Assessments


Photo Re-take Day


Work Experience (WEX) 12A and 12B

WEX 12A & 12B Applications Due


Distributed Learning Registration


Return to School Health & Safety Guidelines: 2020-2021


For assistance understanding Class Schedules: AM vs. PM Learning Groups, visit:

Class Schedules: AM vs. PM Learning Groups

For assistance understanding School Entrance/Exit Zones, visit:

School Entrance/Exit Zones: 2020-2021


Congratulations Navya and enjoy that BOSE A20 headset. Well done!


Outstanding 2019 FMA Solo Recipient


French Immersion


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Registration Information for 2020-2021 Academies

** NOTE – Before you register, please make sure you sign this online consent if you haven’t already done so.

2020-21 Secondary Academy Program Registrations will begin Monday Feb 3rd at 6:00 am

Currently registered in SD62, but would like to register for a school-based Academy (Hockey, Baseball, Softball, Golf)?

New to SD62 and would like to register for a school-based Academy program?  Students must:

  • Register as a new student online on the appropriate School’s website
  • Complete Academy Registration online (link above)


If you would like to register into Pacific Coast Hockey, Golf Canada, Rugby Canada or Pacific Soccer Institute, please click the following links to be directed to your program;

Only choose these programs if you were selected by our partner programs and asked to register.  For our school-based Academy Programs please see above to register.

Need help?

Please email Academies or call 250-391-9006 ext. 250


Our wonderful school opened in September 2015.  The original building, which has been demolished to open up more space in our community, opened in 1947.

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