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  • Our Home Ec Department in conjunction with our Aboriginal Education Team and Elder Henry Chipps hosted a salmon bake for our students.

Registration for the upcoming Graduation Literacy and Numeracy Assessments are now OPEN.

See the Graduation Assessments Page for further information regarding registration and deadlines:

Graduation Assessments / Provincial Exams


The Gr 10 -12 course selection window CLOSES Midnight Sunday 23 February 2020.

Visit this link for further details:

Course Selection 2020-21 for Gr 10 -12


Please note the following opportunity scheduled for Focus Block this coming Wednesday 19 Feb:

Event: Student Course Selection Support

Time: Focus Block

Location: LLC

Target Audience: Gr 9 – 11s who need help with course selections in advance of the Sun 23rd deadline.

Hosted by: Counselling Team


Course Selections in MyEd: OPEN until Midnight Sunday 23 February 2020.


Please visit the NEW Belmont Athletics Page

Can also be found at:



About Top Tab – Contact us – Teacher Websites


Programs Top Tab – Athletics


The course selection window in the MyEd Student Portal is OPEN until Midnight Sunday 23 February 2020.

Please check link below for further information:




Course Selection Assemblies

Date: Wednesday 12 February 2020





Belmont Bulletin



Athletic Code of Conduct

Please see the attached Athletic Code of Conduct for parents and players.

Belmont SECONDARY SCHOOL Athletic Code of Conduct


As communicated through email and included in the last post, the following info is important for students and families to note:

Student course schedule

Grade 9s – Will receive their schedules on Tuesday September 3rd in their period A classes. A reminder to grade 9 students to meet in the large gym at 9:15am am where you will meet with your period A teacher. Students will be dismissed at 11:45am for the day.

Grade 10-12s – Counsellors will be available on August 27th to 29th (9:30am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm) to meet with grade 12s for the following reasons:

  • Incomplete schedule (less than 8 courses)
  • Grad credit concerns
  • Counsellors will also meet with students in grades 10 & 11 who have incomplete schedules (less than 8 courses).
  • Or to update schedules based on completed summer school courses.

Students with full course schedules can make an appointment outside of class time once school has begun. Students will be called from their scheduled classes to address any possible changes.  Changes at this time are very limited.

All other questions will be addressed after school starts. A reminder we do not accommodate “teacher shopping” for students who want a certain teacher or to be in a class with their friends. New registrations who are in catchment will be contacted by their alpha VP, Counsellor or a clerical staff member regarding course selection or incomplete registration information.


Welcome to the 2019/20 school year!  

In addition to the email sent to families and pushed through our App, the links below are to the information we included in prior notifications.  Our Clerical Team, Admin Team, and Counselling Team return full time on August 26.

We do look forward to another great year of learning and experiences and remind all students getting involved/engaged in curricular and extra curricular opportunities is often the foundation of success.

The message below was emailed to families:

Dear Belmont Families and Students.
 We wanted to connect with you via email to provide information for our School Start-up information as well as a letter regarding facility updates.
 A reminder school begins for grade 9 students (half day 9am-11:45am) on September 3rd and for grades 9-12 on September 4th (full day). Students in grade 9 will receive their class schedules on the 1st day of school from their block A teacher.  An assembly will be held for all grade 9s beginning at 9:15am in the large gym.
Students in grades 10-12 can access their schedules on August 23rd via the MyEd student and family portal.  Instructions are available again through our website.
 Please check the following for regular updates:
School Website
School App 
Bi-monthly e-Newsletter called the Belmont Bulletin 
School Twitter @BelmontSD62
 We look forward to seeing you soon as we welcome all students to the 2019/20 school year!
School Facility Update – PDF
Student Start Up Info -PDF
MyEd Reminder – Password reset PDF

It’s hard to believe we head back to school in 3 weeks as we begin the 2019/20 school year.  Our Custodial team have been working hard all summer getting the school ready for another great year. We will be publishing/emailing information soon with further details about the school year start up.  

A few reminders for students and their families to consider:

  • Only grade 9 students attend the first day (Sept. 3) and begin their day with a welcome assembly in the large gym at 9:15am.  Their names will be posted by alpha throughout the large gym with their block A teachers name and room number. This block will act as a “homeroom” for them.  Students will receive their schedules from their block A teacher and will get a chance to visit each of their 1st semester classes. They will be dismissed at approximately 11:45am.
  • All students attend school on Sept. 4 and the block order for the week will be ABCD each day.  Grades 10 through 12 students should know who their block A teacher is and have reviewed their schedules by accessing the student or family portal via MyEd BC after August 23. 
  • We will also be providing students with instructions prior to the beginning of school year about how to chose a locker on-line.  
  • A reminder to check the school App for updates and information as well as our website.  The first edition of the Belmont Bulletin our bi-monthly e-Newsletter will be published on August 29.