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Belmont has one of the most assertive and well planned Academic pathways for those who plan on an academic Post-Secondary experience.   We combine Advance Placement,  Dual Credit and Post-Secondary Sponsorship opportunities to create something for everyone.

The link below illustrates all the academic pathways from grade 9 to 12:
Programs of Excellence – 2016-17

What is Advanced Placement?

Advanced Placement (AP) is a program that offers college/university-level courses to high school students. If students register for and successfully complete a CollegeBoard AP exam, they could receive university/college credit for that course.

What is Dual Credit

Dual Credit courses are in partnership with Camosun College. Students receive first year college credits transferrable to BC post-secondary schools.

What is First Year Post-Secondary Sponsorship?

If your pathway is to go to Camosun College out of high school you may be eligible for the odd class being tuition free?

Everything that you need is located on the Camosun website at www.camosun.ca.  Once you get on the website do a search for LYNC (Leading Youth to New Careers) and that takes you to the South Island Partnership page.  This has all the information you need about Programs and courses.  The Getting Started tab has all the printable pdf’s that you need.

The Program Application Package has the application form for Camosun to register for courses at the college, the sponsorship package, the request to release information back to the school district, the student transition plan and the teacher recommendation letter.

The SIP Course Overview lists all the programs that students in a dual credit course can apply for.

Everything that you need is there.