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Tuesday 9 June 2020

Congratulations Juliana K!

Juliana won first place in the CPF National Virtual Speech contest.

Félicitations Juliana et bravo aux enseignants de Juliana!

See the link to her video below:


Visit ‘French Immersion – Grade 9A Winners’

We are proud to offer a full French Immersion Program. Upon successful completion of the French Immersion Program and of all other graduation requirements, students will receive a Bilingual Dogwood Diploma from the Ministry of Education of the Province of British Columbia.  This is sometimes considered the “Double Dogwood”.   Here are the French Immersion courses on this pathway.

Grade 9:

  • Français Langue 9 FFRAL09
  • Mathématiques 9 FMTHF09
  • Sciences 9 FSCF-09
  • Sciences Humaines 9 FSCHF09

Grade 10:

  • Français Langue 10 FFRAL10
  • Sciences Humaines 10 FSCH-10
  • Sciences 10 FSCF-10
  • Planification 10 (via distributed learning) FPLAN10

Grade 11:

  • Français Langue 11 FFRAL11
  • Sciences Humaines 11 FSCH-11

Grade 12:

  • Français Langue 12 FFRAL12
  • AP French 12