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Independent Learning Courses

Independent Learning courses provide students with an academic alternative to the regular classroom format.  These blended learning and web-based courses follow the same curriculum and require the same academic expectations as regular classes, but they give students a degree of flexibility in the pacing of the course. Students work through the material independently, and the teacher will be available to provide guidance and assistance where necessary as students work through the course material.

Independent Learning courses are appropriate for students of all ability levels, provided they are able to read independently and are willing to assume responsibility for their own learning and work productively in an independent setting.  Teachers are always available in the classrooms and regular attendance is usually expected unless specific arrangements have been made for someone to be on an individualized timetable or take an “outside-the-timetable course.”  Students wanting to take an IL course will need to obtain their counselor’s approval.

Independent Learning courses may be of particular interest for:

  • academically capable students who wish to accelerate in certain courses
  • high level athletes or performers who desire a flexible timetable that will accommodate their training and competition schedules
  • students with medical or social issues who may be absent for extended periods of time
  • visual learners who prefer to read material independently rather than listen to a teacher explain the concepts
  • students who wish to take a course not offered in the regular timetable due to limited enrolment
  • part-time students with work, child care, or other commitments (Note: Part-time students must have approval from a counsellor or administrator)
  • students who need to complete missing outcomes from a previous course that they did not complete due to illness, absenteeism, or other circumstances

Courses offered through Independent Learning  (IL) include:

 English:  English 10, English 11, English 12

Math:  Math courses may be arranged by Math teacher upon recommendation of a counsellor.

Science:  Science 10, Earth Science 11, Science for Citizens 11 (formerly Science and Technology 11), Geology 12

Social Studies: Socials 9 (available with special permission), Socials 10, Socials 11 Explorations, Socials 11 Explorations- Modern Europe, 20th Century World History 12 and History of Rock and Roll 12

Other courses:  PE 10

Note: Social Studies 9, Science 9, Math 9 and English 9 may be available in Sept. 2021 with special permission from a counsellor.