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The Career Education Staff are:

Mrs. J. Robertson (Department Head, Career Life Connections 12)

Mr. C. Allen, Mr. R. Hill, Mrs. J. Robertson,  Miss R. Sandberg  (Career Life Education 10)

Mlle A. Berteau (Éducation au choix de carrière et de vie 10)

Students on the 2018 Graduation Program will meet the Career Education graduation requirement with:

  • Grade 9 – Career Education
  • Grade 10 – Career Life Education
  • Grade 11 – Career Support
  • Grade 12 – Career Life Connections /  Capstone

All courses are Blended model courses; meaning they are not delivered during a block within the timetable, but using a combination of the following methods:

  • Online materials using Google Classroom and GAFE accounts
  • Belmont teacher support during in class visits
  • Post-secondary and career fair
  • Career and Life Skills conference