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Gender and Sexuality Association – was Gay Straight Alliance 

Belmont has a very active GSA group.  This year we have changed our name from Gay Straight Alliance to Gender and Sexuality Association.   Last year we organized many events to create awareness about acceptance of all people.   One major event was the  Rainbow Mural Project where all the students created a giant mural with individual had prints.  As the person placed their handprint on the mural they made a pledge.  The mural is presently at the north end of the school and something we are really proud off!!

 Rainbow Mural Project 2

This Rainbow started in 2013.

By the Belmont Gay Straight Alliance.

Shows that this school is accepting of all people and will not stand for harassment in any form. 

All of the handprints come from students and staff who have vowed to not play a role in supporting bullying.  

It is to be added to yearly, so long as there are people who have the courage to do what is right.