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S8 Schedules: AM & PM Learning Groups


Semester 8 is almost here!

Please note the following as they relate to Semester 8:

  • The term “Blocks” have now changed to “Semesters” as per the Semester 1-8 Dates.
  • Courses may have changed as a result of evolving enrollment pressures, health and safety protocols, our 8 semester model and district transportation limitations.
  • Alternate courses you listed may now occur in your schedule as a result of the same items listed above.

To understand your schedule and your assigned learning group, please identify the following on your schedule in your MyEd Student Portal:

  1. Schedule‘ Column
  2. AM‘ or ‘PM‘ Learning Group (see Sample Student 1 and Sample Student 2 images below)
  3. Room‘ Column (see Room Legend below)
  4. Refer to: School Entrances/Exits: 2020-2021


Sample Student 1 (AM Learning Group) Sample Student 2 (PM Learning Group)

Click on image for larger view

Click on image for larger view

Room Legend

D1XX, Turf 1, Turf 2 – D Wing Class

A1XX, B1XX OR C1XX – 1st Floor Class

A2XX, B2XX OR C2XX – 2nd Floor Class

A3XX OR B3XX – 3rd Floor Class

Portable 1, Portable 2, Portable 3 OR Portable 4 – Portable Class