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Every student is assigned a counselor based on the first letters of their last name.

click to book an appointment with Ms. Handy

Ms. Handy works with students with last names starting with the letters: A to Gh

click to book an appointment with Mrs. Kiefert

Mrs. Kiefert works with students with last names starting with the letters: Gi to N

click to book an appointment with Ms. Ellis

Ms. Ellis works with students with last names starting with the letters: O to Z

Students should inform their teacher if they are missing class to see their counsellor, and are responsible for work assigned during classes missed for counselling.

You can also email your counsellor directly

Ms. Handy, A to Gh,  nhandy@sd62.bc.ca

Mrs. Kiefert Gi to N,  mkiefert@sd62.bc.ca

Ms. Ellis, O to Z  lellis@sd62.bc.ca 

With new COVID protocols in place, the counselling suite is closed to drop-in appointments.

For urgent issues, requiring immediate assistance, students are asked to contact the main office at (250) 478-5501.

Supports provided by School Counsellors

  1. Personal Counselling
  2. Post-secondary planning
  3. Academic advising and student scheduling
  4. Career exploration

Course change requests are not being considered at this time except under exceptional circumstances (errors, missing classes, grad or post-secondary requirements, new registrations).

Referrals to Outside Agencies

Occasionally, students will require support for personal issues that go beyond the scope of a school counselling role. Belmont’s school counsellors will be happy to assist students and their families in making referrals to outside agencies. Please do not hesitate to ask for information about counselling support outside of school.

Resources and Links to Outside Agencies

Link to Westshore Centre for Learning

Resources for youth during Covid 19 Pandemic

List of Community Services

Food Security Western Communities

Crisis Centre  The Crisis Centre provides emotional support and crisis intervention services. Call 1-800-SUICIDE for help.

Youthspace.ca  Offers emotional support and crisis intervention to youth up to 30 yrs.  Our professionally-trained volunteers are online every night (6-11pm PST) to connect with users in Chat – instant message or text message.

 Additional links for grade 12 students:

Education Planner

Grad Planner

Student Transcript Service