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To graduate, all students MUST complete a Grade 10 Mathematics course as well as another math course at the Grade 11 or 12 level. You might need more than just Math 11 if you plan to attend a post-secondary program. Depending on the school you attend, there could be many Mathematics options available to you, including upgrading if necessary.

Students and parents are encouraged to research the admission requirements for post-secondary programs of study as they vary by institution and by year. For specific program requirements, you should contact the specific institution you are interested in.

Which Math course is best suited to my child?

Your child’s education choices after high school depend, in part, on the courses they take in high school. To make an informed decision about which course is best suited for your child, you need to find out as much as you can about each pathway. Parents need to remember that grade 10 has two courses but there are three pathways in grade 11 to 12.
Students who choose Grade 10 Workplace Mathematics are strongly recommended to take Foundations and Pre-Calculus Math 10 before attempting to move to the Foundations pathway.

My daughter/son wants to study University Sciences but her teacher has recommended the Foundations stream. What should she/he do?

While Pre-Calculus 11 or 12 will be required for some post-secondary programs, it is important to understand the teacher’s recommendation. Foundations may have been recommended because your child found the Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10 course overwhelming. It may also be that your child’s learning style is better suited to a less theory-based course like the Foundations stream. A student can take Foundations Math 11 to improve their skills and understanding, and then take Pre-Calculus 11 the following semester, while still receiving credit for both courses.

Can my child get into university or college without Pre-Calculus 11 or 12?

Yes. There are many different combinations of courses and programs that will allow a student to go to college or university. The specific Math courses that are required by colleges and universities depend entirely on the program a student wants to enter. Some entrance requirements include calculus math courses (Pre-Calculus pathway) and others do not require calculus courses (Foundations pathway). It is crucial that you check the university or the college to find out which Math courses are needed for entry so that you choose the correct path.

What happens if we change our mind about the course decision that we have made?

Your son/daughter should choose the courses that best fit his/her current skill level, his/her current math interest and best fit his/her current post-secondary direction. If, after high school, your son/daughter changes career paths and realizes that he/she needs Pre-Calculus 11 or 12 instead of the Foundations courses taken, or Foundations courses instead of the Workplace Mathematics courses taken, colleges and universities will offer these or equivalent courses for upgrading.