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Thank you for your interest in Belmont’s new Climbing Academy! We are thrilled to have this opportunity
for students.


No experience necessary. Everyone is welcome! However, students must maintain a minimum of 60% in
all their classes to stay in the academy.


This is a year-long program which will take place inside the timetable in the morning blocks. Classes
will be hosted both at BoulderHouse Climbing Gym and at Belmont Secondary. Students will train
climbing skills at BoulderHouse on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; strength and conditioning at
Eagle Ridge on Tuesdays; and classroom material on Thursdays.
This program may replace Physical Education Class. Students will receive credit for PE plus one
elective, or two electives for senior students.


The Belmont Climbing Academy will introduce students to bouldering* on different wall types, including
slab, cave, vertical, 45°, etc. as they explore various difficulty levels through the climbing gym’s circuit
system. Students will develop climbing skills and techniques such as heel hooks, toe hooks, edging,
smearing, knee bars, dynos, etc., as well as increase their strength, fitness, flexibility, and endurance.
The program will promote personal goal setting, problem-solving, personal, and social awareness, safety
management, and an active lifestyle.
*Bouldering – a form of rock climbing performed on small rock formations or low artificial walls without the use of a
harness or rope. These rocks or walls are significantly lower in height than those involved in top rope climbing.
Bouldering sequences are relatively short but dynamic, requiring explosive movement and a combination of
horizontal, diagonal, and vertical movements.


The academy fee associated with this program would be $995 / student. This will include a
BoulderHouse membership*, shoe and chalk rental, specialized coaching, a personal trainer for strength
and conditioning, access to Eagle Ridge weight training gym, competition and transportation fees, and
the academy administration fee.
*Please note: The climbing membership includes non-peak hours and some time on the weekends. This may vary
from year to year. Presently, the hours are after school-5:30 and weekends from 1:00-3:00.
Academy fees are collected over 6 months. An initial deposit will be required upon registration
followed by monthly payments.


School District 62 strives to not let financial barriers restrict student participation. There are several
bursary programs that students can access to assist with funding, including the following:

  • KidSport – https://kidsportcanada.ca/
  • Jumpstart – https://jumpstart.canadiantire.ca/pages/individual-child-grants
  • Sport Assist – https://www.sportassist.ca/apply/application-information
  • Athletics 4 Kids – https://www.a4k.ca/
  • TLC Fund for Kids – https://tlcfund.ca/
  • There is also an affordability fund through Belmont Secondary school. Please contact the

Belmont office directly for more information.
For assistance with bursary applications, please contact Jennifer Nolin at jnolin@sd62.bc.ca.


For further questions or additional information, please contact Ms. Pampin at cpampin@sd62.bc.ca.