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The Program


The Belmont Hockey Academy is designed to provide a positive learning environment in which students work to improve their skill in an area of great passion. It is our goal to use hockey to enhance students’ overall school experience by providing opportunities to improve their health, fitness, and self-confidence on a daily basis.

Though the program is centered on hockey, all Belmont Academies  have a distinct goal of creating better all-around athletes, leaders, and community members.

Classes, Schedule and Activities

The Hockey Academy is divided into Senior and Junior programs that follow similar schedules and activities.

A typical week will consist of:

2- Skill development practices

2- Off-ice training sessions (1- Strength Training, 1 Agility/Injury Management)

1- Classroom theory sessions OR alternate physical activity.

On Ice practices focus on individual skill development while incorporating tactical development and team play elements throughout the year. Students work on drills that apply to positional skills and game like situations, complimenting their minor hockey practices by honing in on particular skills for longer periods of time than a regular practice will allow.

Strength training sessions focus on explosive movements and dynamic weight lifts. Coach Marty Pearce teaches a wide variety of lifting motions used by elite athletes in a multitude of sports. Workouts are designed to work within the confines of a busy seasonal schedule and are used to expose students to a number of different training theories and methods. The intensity of training is increased at the end of the year as students begin preparation for their next season of hockey.

Agility and injury management sessions include a wide variety of activities including: Stretching, mitochondrial release, speed ladders, pattern running, coordination drills and much more. These are used to improve athleticism, physical endurance, and overall health throughout the hockey season.

Classroom theory lesson include topics such as nutrition, sport psychology, physiology, biomechanics, hockey history.

Costs and Registration 

The full year cost of the hockey program for 2020-2021 will be $1585.

If you are interested in joining the program mid-year, please contact your school counselor to ask if it is a possibility in your timetable. If this is possible they will contact Mr. Rinald in regards to your interest.

If you have any questions please to not hesitate to contact Mr. Rinald at erinald@sd62.bc.ca

Registration for the 2022-2023 Hockey Academy is done on a first come, first serve basis beginning in early February 2022. You can register at

Online Registration – Start here