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Belmont has one of the longest established and successful AVID models on the province.  The AVID pathway starts in Spencer Middle School and students continue on that pathway from grades 9 thru 12 while on Belmont.  The AVID  class is linear and is backed with English Pre-AP.

Advancement Via Individual Determination  is a program that prepares students in the academic middle for college eligibility. With a focus on learning organization and study techniques, questioning strategies, critical thinking, career preparation, and writing-to-learn skills, the AVID elective class also includes collaborative tutorials and enrichment activities that make attending college or university seem possible. Typically, AVID targets students with a 2.0 – 3.5 GPA (C – A/B) who have a desire to go to college and a willingness to work hard.

Students can join AVID at any grade.  Please fill out the application form and send it to Mr. Bendall:

Apply to AVID

Entrance will be based upon an interview and space availability.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:

AVID Department Head

Paul Bendall  pbendall@sd62.bc.ca

AVID Department FAQs

Can a student still apply to the AVID program if they were not in the program in Grade 9.

Absolutely. Sometimes we can even have a “mid-year” entry point if the schedule allows, depending upon what you have already taken.

What if my grades are not “middle of the road” or what if I don’t really need help with organization? Is AVID still for me?

It could be. People come to AVID for a variety of reasons. Although those students in the A/B – C letter grade range are shown to potentially benefit the most from AVID, we have had many students who enjoy taking AVID despite having grades beyond the targeted zone. Some students do recognize they could use some help with their writing, organization, or study strategies. A lot of students like the “family-feel” of the AVID classroom. Some like having the extra support in post-secondary and career preparation. Other students like to expand their comfort zones through public speaking, debates, and seminars. And some students just want to work with like-minded peers.

Why is AVID scheduled with English class?

Ideally, AVID is taught everyday so that the support, skill development, and relationship-building occur throughout the year. As we have semesters, pairing AVID with English allows us to maintain those connections everyday, instead of for only half the school year. Important parts of the AVID curriculum also involve writing and critical reading strategies, which fits in smoothly with the English curriculum.

If I’m already in the AVID program at Belmont, do I need to reapply each year?

No, you do not. All you must do is check AVID off on your Course Selection Form when the time comes.

How do the Graduation Credits work?

In Grades 10, 11, and 12 you will receive 8 credits per year: 4 for English and 4 for AVID.

In Grade 12, you will also receive an additional 4 credits for CLC 12 (Career Life Connections) and receive credit for completing your Capstone—a graduation requirement.