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The Program

The Belmont Baseball/Softball Academy focuses on individual skill development and fitness to help students of all levels develop both their Baseball or Softball and overall athletic skills. The Baseball/Softball Academy is designed to provide a positive learning environment in which students work to improve their skill in an area of great passion. It is our goal to use Baseball/Softball to enhance students’ overall school experience by providing opportunities to improve their health, fitness, and self-confidence on a daily basis.

Though the program is centered on baseball and softball, all Belmont Academies have a distinct goal of creating better all-around athletes, leaders, and community members.

Baseball/Softball will be one block per semester, running daily throughout the year. Classes will rotate between indoor training, on field training, weight training, and classroom theory.  Students receive their PE credit for the year as well as a credit for baseball/softball skills portion of the class.

Costs and Registration

The cost of the Baseball/Softball program next year will be $685.00 for the full year pending “approval by the School Planning Council and the Board of Education”.  Students are to register for the class on their school course request form and on the district academy website at  ONLINE REGISTRATION . Registration will open in early February.

If you have any questions at all regarding the program, please contact Kris Walushka at kwalushka@sd62.bc.ca