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Communicating Student Absences

Please call our attendance line or email letting us know your child is away due to an excused absences or going to be late or leave early.  We mark these as excused absences.  We will send an email at the end of each day to parents outlining any unexcused absences.  Emails do not go home for excused absences.

Attendance Line: 250-478-5501  follow prompts

 Regular and punctual attendance is prerequisite to a commitment to excellence and the successful intellectual development of the learner. The responsibility for attendance lies with the student and parent/guardian. Absence due to illness or other extenuating circumstances must be confirmed by the parent/guardian by telephone, or in writing, prior to the absence or on the student’s return to school.

  • It is expected that, where possible, personal appointments will be made outside school hours.
  • A student requiring an early dismissal due to illness or, in exceptional circumstances, for appointments during school hours, must provide a written or telephone approval by a parent/guardian before checking out through the general office.
  • Where an extended period of absenteeism is anticipated, the school should be advised and home study materials requested, if appropriate. Family vacations are not considered excused absences.
  • It is expected that parents of students who habitually miss classes will monitor their attendance by calling the school on a weekly basis and consulting a counsellor or administrator if assistance of advice is needed.
  • Continued habitual unexcused absence may result in:
    1. Grade 12 student’s exclusion from participation in the Prom and/or Grad Recognition Ceremony.
    2. Disciplinary action including suspension and/or request to withdraw from school.
    3. Exclusion from participation on sports teams or other school activities.