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The following links provide Staff with access to our various resources:


Automated Dispatch System

Belmont App – Appazur

Microsoft Exchange Email

MyEd BC Login

Telus Custom Security Systems – Emergency Response Centre 24/7

Price’s Alarm – System Procedure – SD 62 25 Sep 2020

Daily Health Check:

Daily Health Check – Staff-Visitors Sept. 16, 2020


Employee Links:

Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Make a Future

Student Accounts:

Basic Student Account Information

Students without sd62learns.org emails (GAFE) will use their student number as their login ID. Students with GAFE account will use first and last initials with the last 4 digits of their student numbers (aa1234) as their login. It’s important to differentiate that when using sd62learns.org logins from anything but a district Chromebook, that they must complete the @sd62learns.org part to sign in. This is a common error as they become used to logging in on chromebooks which add the @sd62learns.org part automatically.


New Students to the District

New students have computing accounts assigned to them when they enter MyEdBC. There can be a delay of a day or two at times but most new students will have access fairly quickly. Their username is their student number and the password is also the student number. They must login to wifi or a school computer first which will reset their password before activating a GAFE account.


Student Self-Serve Password Reset

There is now a self-serve password reset tool for students to reset their computing and gafe account passwords at the same time. SELF SERVE PORTAL It uses information that you can pull of MyEdBC so you can help them do this if necessary. The passwords need to be complex so if they are struggling to set a new password, ask them to read the restrictions.


GAFE Account Setup

Students register for their GAFE account using gafe.sd62.bc.ca and logging in with their wireless credentials (student number and password). Most already have parental consent which comes from consent.sd62.bc.ca , if they don’t, it will tell them. Accounts activate over night so there is a delay in start-up until the next day. The initial password is the full student number and they will be prompted to change it on first sign in. Please note that the UserID for all SD62 computing is changed upon creation from full student number to initials and last four digits (cs1234 for example.)


I’m trying to login to WIFI but it won’t bring up a sign up screen!

Type wireless.sd62.bc.ca into a browser on your phone or computer to prompt the system to open the login screen. If it’s a regular device for you, name it and click “save device” for automatic login. This is for kids and yourself.


“I can’t find My Google Classroom”

This is usually a matter of being logged into their personal Gmail account and not their sd62learns.org This happens on the app often but it is a common error.

Student IEPs:

IEP Central