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Dear Parents/Guardians, 

We request that you access our online consent system and agree to the terms within.  When online, you will have a more thorough explanation of what you are consenting to if you agree to consent.

Consent Portal

The District’s online system has several electronic consent forms for you to review:

General Consent for Fieldtrips/Activities – Rather than sending home a paper consent for each activity, this would cover local field trips.   

Google APPs for Education (GAFE) –  We are hoping that each of our students have a Google account as this is a popular for teachers to use in their classrooms and communicate with home and students.

Internet Access – Agree to the safe use of the internet at school.

Media Consent – Allows us to use student names and pictures in our media publications.

NA’TSA’MAHT Indigenous Education – Ability to self-identify as Indigenous and access programming

School Cash Online – Most school fees are paid online.  

SpacesEDU – An online tool includes creating electronic portfolios, making this information easily available to parents/guardians, the student themselves, selected teachers, and the principal.

Web-based Applications General Consent – Allows your child to use specific web-based applications for the purposes of instruction and learning.

My Blueprint – MyBlueprint platform is used for career education, digital portfolios and self-assessment core competencies from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

We urge you to review this system and consent to what makes sense for you and your family.