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Dear Parents/Guardians, 

We are requesting that you access our new online consent system and hopefully agree to the terms within.  The District’s online system has several electronic consent forms for you to review:

Consent Portal

Daily Student Health Check Agreement – Parents have read and reviewed the Daily Health Check and understand you must complete this daily for your child before they arrive on-site and if you answer yes to any of the questions you will not send your child to school.

You will review this checklist daily when assessing your child.

It is your responsibility as parent/caregiver to perform daily health assessments on your child(ren) before sending them to school.

FreshGrade – If a teacher is using this assessment resource in their classroom, and you consent, you will be able to go online and view the student’s learning  and assessments.

General Consent for Low Risk Field Trips and Activities – Rather than sending home a paper consent for each activity, this would cover all Low Risk school activities.   High Risk activities require a parent consent each activity.

Google APPs for Education (GAFE) –  We are hoping that each of our students have a Google account as this is becoming more and more popular for teachers to use in their classrooms and communicate with home and students.

Internet Access – Agree to the term of safe use of the internet at school

Media Consent – Allows us to use student names and pictures in our media publications

School Cash online – You can pay and access all your school fees online.  No need to come into school to pay or write cheques anymore.

My Blueprint – To increase the interaction between parents, students and teachers, we are bringing in a new program for teachers called MyBlueprint.  The MyBlueprint platform is used for career education, digital portfolios and self-assessment core competencies from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

When online, you will have a more thorough explanation of what you are consenting to if you agree to consent.

We strongly urge you to review this system and hopefully consent to what makes sense for you and your family. 

Thanks for your consideration.